Hot Toys T-800 Terminator

In this review, we take on the new Hot Toys T-800 Terminator figure. This is a great figure and I think it’s well worth the money. I’m a huge Hot Toys fan and I’ve been wanting something Terminator to add to my collection. This of course allows me to scratch both itches. Instead of giving you a long intro, let’s get to the review!


Gi Joe Airtight

By: Chris

In this toy review, we cover Airtight, or “Kurt Schnurr”. Airtight was one of my favorite GI Joes as a kid because it was one of the few GI Joes (not Cobras) with a sweet mask. His mask was similar to “Copperhead”, the Water Moccasin driver. And when it came to masks, Cobra had the best. From the Vipers, Wild Weasel, Frogmen, Firefly, and all the way up to Cobra Commander, Cobra had all of the coolest masks. Airtight was one of the few Joes that stood out among the crowd.

Although his history is a bit ambiguous (like why is an environmental specialist giving safety advice when someone from the medical profession (like Lifeline) would be a better choice), there’s no denying that he was always a cool looking figure.

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