2015 Toy Drive

The 2015 Toy Drive was a HUGE HIT this year! Thank you to all of the Pladd Dot Toys customers and employees that made this such a huge success!

For those of you who don't know, when you purchase a toy from this website (or our eBay store), we donate 100% of the profits to our local sheriff's department for the distribution of toys through the community to families in need. Instead of me blabbing on about what we do, I'll just let the photos do the talking!

This year we filled SEVEN SHOPPING CARTS!!!



The Day I Fell in Love with Star Wars


Okay…. I don't know the DATE - but I do know the DAY.

I was six years old. My big brother's friend David came to our house to pick up my brother for a jam session or something (they were both budding musicians) and took us back to his house because I'm assuming that's where the drums were… Evidently I was along for the ride this time. When we got there, I met Michael - David's younger brother. He was closer to my age and wanted to show me some "cool stuff" in his room.

Michael showed me his room and I remember seeing the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. A magical 3.75" piece of white and black molded plastic that burned an impression in my mind that I remember to this day.

He called it a "Stormtrooper". I had never heard that word before but it didn't matter.

I knew that I'd never forget it.